The characteristics of the Dogue de Bordeaux


SIZE OF THE FEMALE: The size is about 58 to 66 cm at the withers

WEIGHT OF THE FEMALE: The weight is at least 45 kg

SIZE OF THE MALE: The size is about 60 to 68 cm at the withers

WEIGHT OF THE MALE: The weight is at least 50 kg

GROOMING: It does not require much effort

FEEDING: It must be fed rationally. Outdoor movement is very essential

ORIGINAL NAME: Dogue de Bordeaux

FCI: Type dogs Pincher and Schnauzer, Molossoid and Swiss Mountain Dog

The Dogue de Bordeaux

The Dogue de Bordeaux is a very old breed. There are several theories about its origins: descendants of the Molossi Greeks, Romans or the Mastiffs brought to Europe, the dogs of Aquitaine or dog Spanish Burgos.

At the end of the nineteenth century, the veterinarian Pierre Mégnin, published the first breed standard of the hallmarks to identify it more precisely. Through careful selection it has been possible to improve his character, by making it more stabile. The appearance is that of a fearsome athlete: stocky, muscular, imposing and proud. It is a dog with rather short limbs. The distance from the sternum to the ground is at most equal to or less than the height of the chest, seen in profile and measured behind the elbow. The hair is short, fine and soft with a uniform color of mahogany or tawny. For the breed standard they are admitted white patches on the legs, while the mask may be red or black. A Dogue de Bordeaux dog is rationally fed to avoid becoming obese.

In the past it was used in hunting wild boar, bears fights or in the circus against bulls. Today, besides being a domestic dog it is also trained by the police in the fight against criminals, a task in which it has proven to be very successful.

The character of the Dogue de Bordeaux

The character of the Dogue de Bordeaux today does not reflect that of his fierce and bloodthirsty ancestors. Over the centuries, it was gradually domesticated. Now a well-balanced dog that is, affectionate, sociable and very fond of his master, though it can sometimes be prone to fighting with other dogs. Not overbearing but very sure of him-self and his abilities, thus making him seem stubborn.

It's big dog, of pronounced size, with an obvious momentously developed muscular body. Its main use, since ancient times, is to defend and guard, where he can prove his courage and his ability in surveillance, but never aggressively. Like most short-muzzled dogs, it is very sweet with his master and children. It remains a mastiff thus a sedentary animal, lazy and not very lively: a daily walk or run is a must.

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